Rail and transportation wiper systems

Rail and transportation wiper systems


Since 1996, SPEICH provides performance and compact custom wiper systems to a small scope production range of rail and multipurpose on wheels vehicles. We continually work to improve our tasks and product range in order to provide fully compliant systems depending on windows size and the maximum vehicle speed. With our deep knowledge, structured and qualified project management, SPEICH is the ideal choice for transportation markets, including:

  • Humvees and military vehicles
  • LRV, Metro and Trams
  • Locomotives
  • EMU, DMU and HMU

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Wiper Type and Product Choice

rail and transportation windscreen wiper system is fully custom made for each application and vehicle screens plan. There is no a unique correct choice for a rail and transportation windscreen wiper. The choice depends on many factors:

  • Visibility area requirements
  • Maximum vehicle speed
  • Customer technical specifications
  • Form and size of the screen
wiper system range
  • Single arm pantograph fully electrical wiper systems
  • Double arm pantograph fully electrical wiper systems
  • Single arm pendulum fully electrical wiper systems
  • Double arm pendulum fully electrical wiper systems
  • Our voltage ranges allow us to be compatible with all vehicles: 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 37Vdc, 72Vdc, 110Vdc
  • Superior components and corrosion resistant materials for reliable and long-life cycle
  • Ingress protection: IP55 ÷ IP67 depending motor installation position
  • Custom-made designs to meet your interface requirements
  • One or two speed mode available
  • Self-parking position
  • Pantograph and pendulum arms.
  • Wiper arms shapes, lengths and aesthetic finishes are designed to suit all applications.
  • Our wiper arms are designed to ensure maximum performance.
  • Wiper arms springs pressures are carefully selected to ensure smooth operation.
  • All arms constructed out of non-corrosive materials stainless steel AISI 316.
  • Two directional integrated wash jets used to maximise screen washing coverage.
  • Flat and articulated blades. Blade length is selected to suit all applications.
  • Bolted blade fastening for a secure fixing.

  • Fully integrated control systems to enable all functionality requirements.
  • Synchronisation and wash cycles built into.
  • Switches available with 3 intermittent operations, variable intermittent, slow, fast, park and wash cycle
  • Connections to suit your system requirements.
  • Electrical harnesses to connect your system together making it as easy as plug and play.

  • Custom made stainless steel wash tanks manufactured to suit your space envelope.
  • Custom made pumps groups and tank cups.
  • Fully integrated wash systems including electronic and visual level sensors.
  • Wash hose kits with various adaptors for securing hoses.
  • Bulkhead connectors and cab mounted spray nozzles.

Design and Project Management

SPEICH has its own internal process for project management. This process allows you to achieve a complete scope of supply management, innovative and optimal solutions for customer satisfactions goals. Below a typical non-exhaustive list of deliverables and activities for rail & transportation sector is reported:
  • Scope of supply specifications (components, services, Contractual Deliverables Requirement List and clause by clause etc…)
  • Functional specifications (performance, materials, dimensions, weight, finishes, fixing, accessibility, power consumption, interface connectors, spare parts support, visibility and installation specifications etc…)
  • Operational specifications (mission profile and RAMS&LCC specifications, service condition of operations, health, safety and environment specifications, maintenance planning etc…)
  • Architectural specifications (electrical interfaces and provisions, mechanical provisions, cabling provisions etc…)
  • Engineering specifications (tagging, technical data publications, configuration and change management etc…)
  • Tests and design validation (endurance tests, performance tests, type tests, first article inspection etc…)
  • Industrial specifications (installation, commissioning and training support, personnel specifications, packaging, handling, storage and transportation specifications etc…)
  • Quality specifications (configuration management, obsolescence management, manufacturing and control plans, quality plans, supply management plans, special processes management, FAI and FAT procedures etc…)

Production and Testing

The in-house production of most components is part of SPEICH policy which provides several advantages: full quality control according to validated manufacturing and control plans, very flexible production, short lead-time, long term spare parts availability and low obsolescence risk. Each project is validated after dedicated testing, in our test room or a third-party laboratory, and first article inspection. Below, a series of typical testing and compliance we achieve for our wiper systems:
  • EN50155 compliance
  • EMC certified to EN150121/3/2
  • Environmental conditions and Vibration to EN50125-1
  • Endurance and performance testing
  • Salt spray testing
  • IP Degree of Protection
Do not hesitate to contact us for any technical advice and quotation request. All necessary data for a suitable quotation are indicated in the Measure Collect Form.