Naval wiper system

Naval wiper system


Cruise ships, cargo ships, military vessels, research vessels, tankers, tug and patrol boats have to operate in a wide range of extreme conditions. Therefore, the robustness and the reliability of windscreen wipers becomes fundamental for a correct visibility of the vessel. Furthermore, there is often the need to coordinate the operation of a considerable number of wiper motor units with the windscreen washing and glass heating system. SPEICH wipers Naval line allows you to meet those needs, being designed for maximum reliability, robustness and ease of control.

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Wiper Types and Products Choice

A naval line windscreen wiper system is custom-made for each application and ship screens plan. The system design and production is made under strictly quality criteria in order to respect the supply management plan and deliverables requirements compliance. Our team of design engineers will supply the best advice and assistance in order to achieve considerable savings in installation costs, greatly improved window clearing efficiency and the best reliable product.

There is no a unique correct choice for a marine windscreen wiper. The choice depends on many factors:




We are able to offer a wide range of wiper systems that will meet all installations requirements. From standard flat screens to curved screens our systems are designed to meet all the necessary customer requirements.



The pantograph and pendulum wiper systems of Naval line are custom-made and designed to ensure:

  • High strength and corrosion resistance for extreme marine conditions;
  • Compact design of the motor assembly for an easy installation;
  • Large choice of system configurations.


They are used for both flat and curved windows, usually with greater height than the base when installation space is limited. For wide windows, wipers with double arms or crossed areas are available.


The straight line wiper systems of Naval line are designed to ensure:

  • Perfect visibility even under the worst weather conditions because of a high cleaned area (up to 85%);
  • Reliability to operate in extreme marine conditions;
  • Several adjustments to be made while installing in order to fit also to irregular windows.


They are used for both flat and curved windows, usually with wide base length when the highest cleaned area is a requirement. For wide windows, wipers with double arms are available.


SPEICH clear view screens are a traditional product made with great attention to detail. We designed our clear view screens to ensure:

  • A long life product;
  • The largest possible sight field;
  • An optically rectified rotating glass in order to avoid any optical distortion.


They are used on a wide variety of boats, from merchant ships to military vessels, where windows have a small square flat shape

Power Distribution Units


For numerous of wiper motors and heated glasses, there is a considerable consumption of electrical power. This raises the need of an efficient wiring and a correct balance of power phases. We design and manufacture dedicated power distribution units (PDU) to suit these needs. Our PDU are designed to be integrated with our wiper control units.

Integrated logistic support

SPEICH has its own internal process for product management oriented to integrated logistic support (ILS) with the goals of creating reliable systems that last longer and require less support, thereby reducing operational life cycle costs. This process ensures that the requirements for each of the elements are properly planned, resourced, and implemented and allow achieving a complete scope of supply management and optimal solutions with customer satisfactions goals. Below, a typical non-exhaustive list of deliverables and ILS activities is reported:
  • Functional specifications: performance, materials, dimensions, weight, power consumption, spare parts support included spare recommendation spreadsheet etc…
  • Operational specifications: mission profile and RAMS&LCC specifications, maintenance planning included criteria for repairtools, tests, maintenance tasks etc…
  • Engineering specifications: technical data publications include technical manuals, component and illustrated lists, datasheets, drawings, preventive and corrective maintenance instructions, troubleshooting, hazardous material documentation, configuration and change plans etc…
  • Industrial specifications: installation, commissioning and training support, personnel specifications, packaging, handling, storage and transportation specifications etc…

Production and testing

The in-house production of most components is part of SPEICH policy which provides several advantages: full quality control according to validated manufacturing and control plans, very flexible production, short lead-time, long term spare parts availability and low obsolescence risk. Each product project is validated after dedicated testing, in our test room or a third-party laboratory, and first article inspection. Below a series of typical testing and compliance we achieve for our wiper systems:
  • ISO17899 compliance for flagship products
  • EMC, Environmental conditions and Vibration to EN60945
  • Endurance and performance testing
  • Salt spray testing
  • IP Degree of Protection
  • Distance from the magnetic compass
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