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Support FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Below you can find some answers to commonly asked questions about our Company management, our products and services.
If you still can’t find an answer to your question, please contact us: our customer service and technical team is always available to help you at the best!


We design, manufacture and sell custom-made high-performance wipers for any kind of application and for windows of all shapes and sizes. SPEICH is a brand synonymous with excellence and a leading manufacturer of professional wipers for marine use.

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SPEICH was born as an optical and precision mechanics company. We used our knowledge in the optical field to patent and produce his first clear view screen in 1939. The production of clear view screens remained the main activity of the company for several years until in 1959, following the request of one of the oldest Italian shipyards, we designed the first wiper specially made for the marine environment. Today SPEICH is a company in continuous development and offers wiper solutions for numerous applications, from the marine, to the railway and industrial environment. Thanks to a worldwide sales network we export to over 20 countries and continue to grow our business and the performance of our products.

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The Management of SPEICH is daily committed to pursuing the following objectives:

  • Be an excellence, operating with experience, style and technology, in the field of design, production and supply of custom-made wiper systems and glass washer systems;
  • Ensure the satisfaction of our customers;
  • Ensure compliance with company policies and mandatory laws;
  • Provide products and services that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers in terms of quality, safety and compliance with mandatory standards;
  • Continuously improve our performance, processes, procedures and products;
  • Improve the Company image and reputation on the market;

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Yes, the Management of SPEICH develops and maintains management policies compatible with the context and strategic objectives of the Organization. In addition, the Management is daily committed to ensuring that the requirements of its management system are integrated into the business processes of the Organization.

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If you have any questions, please contact SPEICH at the following e-mail address:

You will be put in touch with the suitable person.


All SPEICH wipers are custom-made for each boat and its windows. The standard documents provided as a result of the order are:

  • Product sheets
  • Wiper arrangement plan
  • Wiper cable block diagrams / wiring diagrams
  • Technical and user manual

If you have installed a SPEICH product and would like to receive its documentation, feel free to contact us (link)

The CE Declaration of Conformity is provided for each product (see product sheets) and wiper system (see technical and user manuals). Other declarations or certifications (IHM, Type Approvals, Origin, Materials etc …) are on request.

The 2D CAD formats we support are .dwg and .dxf while the 3D formats we support are .step and .iges

Yes, the Management of SPEICH ensures the management of the product life cycle oriented to the constant improvement of the product, innovation and logistical support. We maintain a continuous design program oriented towards reliability, availability, maintainability, safety and testability. We produce our products according to the highest standards and quality criteria.

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Yes, we have an internal process dedicated to project management. The projects for customers extend from the offer phase until the end of the warranty period.

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If you are a new Customer, for any request for an offer you can contact SPEICH at the e-mail address: or the authorized distributor in your country (link) with whom you will be put in contact.

If you are already a customer, you can contact your SPEICH sales representative directly who will be happy to follow your request.

An offer of a custom-made wiper system consists of a technically optimal solution for each window, its application and its economic quotation. To simplify this process, SPEICH has collected the basic information necessary to be able to make an optimal technical-economic proposal in the measurement detection modules (link). If the Customer has additional technical-commercial requirements relating to the purpose of the supply, SPEICH undertakes to make a technical-economic proposal going to promptly evaluate each required requirement.

If you are already a Customer, to accept an offer you must send a countersigned copy of it (or your welcome purchase order by reference to our offer) to your reference SPEICH sales representative and a copy of the e-mail address:

If you are a new customer, you will be asked for the minimum and necessary data for our customer data for legal purposes. These data are those indicated in the customer data request form (link).

Following a purchase order, SPEICH undertakes to schedule the order in production and to send the relative order confirmation including the estimated delivery date in the shortest possible time. You will receive the order confirmation from the e-mail address: generally within 2-3 days from the date of the order.

If this does not happen, we recommend contacting the same address to request correct receipt of the purchase order.

Since these are tailor-made products, any changes to orders must be requested in writing and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by SPEICH according to the production status of the order.
The accepted payment methods is by bank transfer. Payments shall only be made by the Buyer’s bank. Payments from third parties are prohibited and will be declined. Credit card payments are not accepted.
All quoted prices are exempt from VAT. The APPLICATION OF VAT is regulated according to Italian law by Presidential Decree 633 of 26/10/1972 and subsequent amendments and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis based on the Customer’s requirements, his billing and delivery address.

The general conditions of sale are those set out in the appropriate form (link) and are valid for each supply unless otherwise indicated in the contract.


With a view to continuous product improvement, SPEICH classifies, analyzes and monitors the failures of its products during their life cycle. In case of abnormal behavior of the wiper, it will be possible to consult the “fault analysis” and “maintenance” section of the technical manual provided when ordering. To obtain the manual or for more support, you can contact the assistance at the email address: or at the number 0039-010-8380676, communicating the type of failure and the serial number of the engine / associated control panel for traceability.

All SPEICH products are tailor-made for the specific application and its window. For this reason, restocking is generally not contemplated and a fee will be applied in the particular cases in which it is granted.
Yes, spare parts can be purchased directly from SPEICH if there are no previous commercial agreements and/or interferences with our distributors.

By purchasing a SPEICH product you will have the guarantee of a fast and long-term spare parts service. It is always advisable to keep on board spare parts kits of first maintenance in case of emergency. SPEICH is responsible for providing logistical information such as lists of recommended spare parts.
Each wiper system (motor, arm, spatula and panel) is uniquely identified by its serial number on a label, with the SPEICH logo, placed on each motor and control panel during production. It is necessary to communicate the serial number for a correct order of spare parts.

The choice depends on the type of product considered, the timing available and your position at the time of failure.

For more information contact SPEICH or its nearest distributor (link)

Repairs are scheduled by SPEICH weekly and balanced with production needs. The average repair time varies according to the product considered and the actual urgency requested by the Customer.
The production of spare parts is scheduled by SPEICH weekly and balanced with production needs. The average delivery time of spare parts varies according to the product considered and the time required for shipment. SPEICH is committed to keeping the most frequent spare parts in stock at all times for faster delivery.

The return of a product can be done for repair, overhaul or modification. The return must in any case be authorized by SPEICH by sending the return authorization code that must be indicated in the return transport document.

The complete information on the data necessary for the authorization of the return and on the methods of return is reported in the appropriate “Return authorization form” (link)

SPEICH has two test rooms, one indoor and one outdoor, for the execution of functional, environmental and durability tests. All SPEICH products are pre-prototyped and tested in our test room.
Yes, SPEICH is in contact with several accredited laboratories (Accredia) for the execution of tests on its products for the purpose of compliance with the declared design standards.

The factory acceptance test (FAT) is the last control to complete production oriented to:

  • Obtain evidence of functionality, quality and integrity of the product;
  • Check the presence and compliance of all design and contractual documents such as manuals, instructions, drawings, etc.
  • Ensure compliance with contractual obligations.

SPEICH has internal protocols for the execution of acceptance tests in the factory that end with the issuance of a special quality control report.

SPEICH has an internal procedure for first-article inspection (FAI) oriented to the verification and validation of production processes before the mass production of all products. Non-exhaustive list of checks carried out during the first article inspection is as follows:

  • Verification of project documentation
  • Verification of implementation planning and quality control
  • Special process qualifications/critical machining
  • Certifications / Qualifications of personnel
  • Suitability of equipment / production facilities
  • Calibration of measuring equipment
  • Verify identification, product configuration
  • Verification of the results of visual, dimensional, functional, weight and durability checks
  • Outcome of Type tests
  • Material quality certifications
  • Component traceability system
  • Product storage methods
  • Packaging methods and protection system

The terms and conditions for delivery are evaluated on a case-by-case basis at the time of the offer, according to the needs of the Customers and according to the rules of the Incoterms®. Once the order is ready, you will be contacted by SPEICH Logistics for the organization of delivery. In cases of carriage free with charge on the invoice, according to the agreed terms and conditions of delivery, SPEICH will provide a quote and ask for the customer’s approval before shipment. Once the shipment is ready, SPEICH will communicate to the Customer the details of the shipment.
The data necessary to organize the shipment are those described in the form “Data required for transport” (link).

Yes, all products are carefully packaged according to predetermined and consolidated criteria. When ordering, we are available to evaluate alternative packaging criteria based on the Customer’s needs.
The installation is always the responsibility of the customer. SPEICH always provides appropriate installation instructions.

Commissioning for a wiper system is a series of activities carried out, following completed installation, to obtain, verify and document that the performance of the system meets the objectives and criteria defined for the purpose of the supply. SPEICH issues at the request of the Customer a checklist for the commissioning activities to be performed. The presence of a SPEICH technician to perform a commissioning is to be evaluated and requested when ordering.

Each order confirmation always indicates the estimated delivery date (ETD) or the order date ready in SPEICH’s warehouse for delivery.
SPEICH has an internal procedure for the identification and traceability of products. Generally the motors and panels are serialized: the serial number is unique and SPEICH always keeps up to date appropriate registers that associate the serial number to the entire purpose of the supply, to its project and to the lots / production processes of raw materials. Each SPEICH product is appropriately wrapped and labelled. When ordering we are available to evaluate different criteria for the identification of products (indicating customer codes, etc.).

If you are interested in proposing products and services to SPEICH you can send an email presentation to

Your proposal will be evaluated by our purchasing department according to predetermined criteria.

SPEICH believes in the concept of customer-supplier synergy in pursuing its policies and in trying to continuously improve the quality of products and service offered to its customers. We expect our suppliers to use a quality management system to ensure defect-free delivery and to comply with the principles and requirements of our company policies. Our procurement process, based on the qualification and periodic evaluation of suppliers according to predetermined criteria, forms the basis for a successful long-term business relationship.