Clear view screens

Clear view screens

Clear view screen choice

SPEICH clear view screens are a traditional product made with great attention to detail; its design fulfill ISO 3904-1990 rules. They are used on a wide variety of boats, from merchant ships to military vessels. Clear view screens works on the simple principle to keep free from rain, splashing water and snow a glass disk by putting it in fast rotation.

The motor is placed in the center and is fastened to the fixed glass in order to obtain the largest possible sight field. The rotating glass is hardened and all metal parts are made of brass. A specially designed manifold between the ring surrounding the rotating glass and the fixed frame keeps water from entering the space between the fixed and rotating glass; this space can optionally be heated by electric resistance to avoid condensation and ice formation, which could prevent proper operation. Two families of clear view screens are proposed:

  1. AC clear view screen: supplied already installed on a hardened glass of the proper shape and thickness for the window they are to be fitted to;
  2. EX clear view screen: designed to be installed in a circular hole cut in the window glass.

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