Z Motor unit

Z Motor unit
M Motor


Motor unit Z series shall be used on medium-sized wiper systems (arm length up to 950 mm) both for professional and pleasure boats applications. This motor is designed to:

  • Ensure a continuous service even under extreme conditions;
  • Have a compact size;
  • Ensure a variable wiping angle and self-parking position side;
  • Be easily wired and maintained.
Z Motor Unit
Standard version features
Model number M/NZ motor
Available rated voltage VV = 12 ; 24 Vdc
V = 110 ; 220 Vac
Starting torque45 Nm
Nominal power55 W
Starting power220 W
SpeedV1 = 45 stroke/min
Bushing for wall thickness D D = 10 ; 20 ; 30 ; 40 ; 50 ; 60 ; 70 ; 80 ; 100 mm
Within 250mm on request
Wiping angles α α = 30°÷110° step 5°
Self parking FcFc = DX right side, internal view and window upper part motor mounted
Fc = SX left side, internal view and window upper part motor mounted
Weight~ 2,6 Kg
FinishingGrey painted

If you cannot find the right product version or for any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Please always communicate the motor serial number for spare parts.