Spray Nozzles

Spray Nozzles


According to the different types of installation, different models of spray nozzles are available:

  • Fixed nozzles for pipe installation: to be connected directly to the water distribution pipe installed externally above the windows;
  • Wall mounting adjustable nozzles: to be powered from inside the wheelhouse. These items are supplied with a support, a bulkhead fitting and a 6×4 mm hose holder. A heated model is available. The spray nozzles can be with fan shaped jet (ENZZ and ENZZ.30 type, made of chromium plated brass) or with nail shaped jet (EZZ.PL type, made of black polyamide);
  • Nozzles installed directly on the windscreen wiper: adjustable fan shaped jet nozzles can be mounted directly on the arm, in the case of pantograph and pendulum wiper arms (.ZZ versions), or they can be placed on the wiper frame, as in the case of straight line wipers. Alternatively, there are a version of BLF wiper blade with direct water distribution by means of several small holes.

If you cannot find the right product version or for any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Please always communicate the motor serial number for spare parts.