SP91F Pendulum Arm

SP91F Pendulum Arm
Braccio S Pendolare


The pendulum arms SP91F are designed for the installation on large dimension glasses for which is necessary to ensure a significant percentage of cleaned area. The main features are:

  • Very strong structure, made of AISI316, to carry blades with length up to 1300 mm;
  • Possibility to adjust blade pressure to the glass by modifying the arm spring load.

On request SP91F arms can be equipped with spray nozzles (SP91F.ZZ type). 

Product features
Standard version technical features
Model number M/NSP91F
Length L500 ÷ 1200 mm, with 50 mm steps
Blade fixing width A 16 mm and 21 mm “U” shaped
Arm bending Yes, as option
LiftableLimited (SP91F)
Totally (SP91FL)
Adjustable preload springYes
Weight1,4 ÷ 2,0 Kg
FinishingHand polished stainless steel
Spray nozzlesYes, as option (SP91F.ZZ Type)

If you cannot find the right product version or for any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Please always communicate the motor serial number for spare parts.