SDCS2 Motor unit

SDCS2 Motor unit


Motor unit S series with DCS controller (SDCS) shall be used on large-sized wiper systems (arm length up to 1200 mm). It is equipped with an electronic speed regulator able to communicate with other devices via the CAN bus. This motor is designed to ensure:

  • Movement synchronization of different wiper arms belonging to a group, using the CAN bus communication;
  • Two wiping speeds and five interval delays.  The operating conditions are stabilized by the speed regulator in a wide range of voltages;
  • Compact motor unit size with specially designed electric box: it is possible to remove a motor without interrupting the CAN bus communication;
  • Motor unit overheating electronic protection;
  • Park position side fast setting.
Product features
Standard version technical features
Model numberSDCS
Available rated voltageV = 24 Vdc
V = 110 ÷ 220 Vac multi-voltage
Starting torque80 Nm
Nominal power85 W
Starting power420 W
Low speed V1 = 30 stroke/min
High speed V1 = 50÷45 stroke/min
Bushing for wall thickness D D = 10÷100 with 10 mm step
Within 250 mm on request
Wiping angles α α = 30°÷110° with 5° step
Self parkingFc = DX right side, internal view and window upper part motor mounted
Fc = SX left side, internal view and window upper part motor mounted
Weight4,5 Kg
FinishingGrey painted

If you cannot find the right product version or for any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Please always communicate the motor serial number for spare parts.