PG-EXT window wiper

PG-EXT window wiper


The straight line wiper PG-EXT should be used on windows of any size, usually with wide base length, for heavy duty applications. These wipers consist of a motor unit, mounted externally, in order to safe space inside the bridge, contained in a watertight casing IP68. Each component is custom made for each window and application.

This system is constructed out of non-corrosive and top quality materials and extensive customization of finishes is available. It complies with the ISO 17899 compliance.

PG-EXT Model is equipped with an electronic speed regulator able to communicate with other devices via the CAN bus. It is possible wipers and auxiliaries operation as single unit or a groups and from different points of the deck of the ship. PG-EXT window wiper is designed to ensure two operation modes: continuous and intermittent running with the arm movement synchronized and maximum speed running for each wiper. Optimal visibility is guaranteed even in the worst conditions and a cleaning area greater than 85%.

The wiper PG-Ext is also available with double arm (type PGD-EXT). On request these systems can be equipped with spray nozzles (option PG.ZZ) and with heated frame (option PG.HOT).

Housing and Motor Features

Model Number
187010PG-EXT profile with motor and cable
PG-EXT profile with motor, cable and nozzles
187010.001PGD-EXT profile with motor and cable
187011.001PGD-EXT profile with motor and nozzles
Wiper stroke length CC = 400÷2250, 50 mm steps for PG-EXT model
C = 900÷4500, 50 mm steps for PGD-EXT model
Motor Unit Side PositionMotor unit can be positioned above or below the window, on the right or on the left side.
Spray NozzlesAdjustable fan shape 0° or 90° are available for all models.

Spray nozzles made with a copper tube 6x4xL mm are available.
Heating ElementMechanism case heaters 110 Vac or 220 Vac are available.
Cable Length2.5 m as standard.

Other length on the request.
FinishingHousing finishing standard is polyester coating white RAL 9010.

Other finishes on the request.

Arms Features

Model Number
16721Arm length shorter than 450 mm
16720 Arm length longer than 450 mm
Arm length shorter than 450 mm, adjustable blade fix
16722 Arm length longer than 450 mm, adjustable blade fix
Wiper Arm Length LL = 300÷1000 mm, 50 mm steps
BendingWiper arm may be cranked for inward glass window over 75 mm.

All solution customed.
FinishingStainless steel (as standard)

Other finishes on request

Blades Features

Model Number
BLFWiper blades for flat windows, for heavy duty applications
XWiper blades for curved windows, for heavy duty applications
Blade Length SS = 500÷1200 mm, 50 mm steps; 1300÷1800 mm, 100 mm steps

Control Panel Features

Operation ModesOperation with panel: CAN bus commands is generated from a control panel, with a standard keypad proposed by us
Operation with gateway: CAN bus commands is generated from a gateway connected with switches installed by the customer on the consolle
Direct operation: CAN bus commands is generated directly from the integrated bridge system
Number of WipersAdvanced control allows to operate up to 12 groups from 1 up to 8 wipers.

It allows a perfect synchronization of the wipers in all operating conditions, both in continuous and intermittent operation mode. Synchronization occurs even if the wipers are different in dimensions and wiping angles.
Number of AuxiliariesThe DCS system provides the possibility to drive auxiliary devices that normally equips ship bridge, like elvalves of window rinse system, glass heater and wiper heater contactors and other devices. Each motor/control unit can manage 1/2 auxiliaries. For centralized management of auxiliaries, we offer an auxiliary devices control unit, DCS.AUX4, a relay unit controlled by CANbus messages, which provides 4 power outputs to drive such auxiliaries.

Control Unit Features

Operation Modes
DCS.EXTControl unit without auxiliaries management
DCS.EXT.AUXControl unit with maximum 2 auxiliaries management
Voltage VV = 110/230 Vac

If you cannot find the right product version or for any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Please always communicate the motor serial number for spare parts.