DCS Control system

DCS Control system
DCS 500x500


The Distributed Control System (DCS) is a modular wiper control system, based upon communication through items by means of a CAN bus.

It consists of the following components:

  • The motor controller unit (up to 96), located directly on the wiper motor (types Z, S and P) or in a dedicated box (type PG-EXT, PG3F);
  • The auxiliary devices control unit (up to 12), which can control 4 auxiliary devices;
  • The control panel, available with soft-touch buttons and/or as a touchscreen. The control by an onboard PLC is possible, with or without the Speich control panel.

DCS system have the following features:

  • Perfect synchronization of the wipers in all operating conditions, both in continuous and intermittent operation mode. Synchronization occurs even if the wipers are different in dimensions and wiping angles;
  • The management of the wipers in groups that can have different working modes, each other independent;
  • Wiring simplified due to a reduced number of wires, standard connectors and items connected one to the other like in a chain;
  • Great flexibility in varying the composition of the groups, modifying the park position side (only for pantograph/pendulum wipers) and adding items to the system (control panels, wiper motors and auxiliary devices) even after installation;
  • Management of auxiliary devices (electrovalves for water/air, remote switches for window and arm heaters) DCS.AUX4 control unit, a relays box with CAN bus communication.
Operation modes

CAN bus commands can be generated from a control panel, with a standard keypad proposed by us, from a gateway connected with switches installed by the customer on the consolle or directly from the integrated bridge system.

Operation with gateway

When the customer wants to compose the control panel with his own switches and lights, they can be connected to a gateway (code DCS.GW) able to communicate with the CAN bus network. With this device you can operate:

  • Up to 5 groups from 1 up to 8 wipers;
  • Up to 4 auxiliary for each group.
Gateway DCS.GW
Direct operation

The DCS control system can be interfaced with the integrated bridge system via a dedicated CAN bus port. In this case, SPEICH company provides the protocol for the development of the necessary software. A general recommendation is to use also a backup standard panel for testing or emergency purposes.

Operation with panel

We propose two softouch panel types with standard graphic and customizable number of groups:

  1. DCS.ST model: allows operating up to 5 groups from 1 up to 8 wipers;
  2. DCS.ST.CS model: allows operating up to 12 groups from 1 up to 8 wipers.

In addition to the wipers, it is possible to drive up to 4 auxiliary devices for each group, in particular:

  • The electrovalves for window washer equipment;
  • The compressed air electrovalves for purging water pipes;
  • The heated glasses remote switches;
  • The wipers anti-icing heater.
Assieme pannelli DCS

If you cannot find the right product version or for any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Please always communicate the motor serial number for spare parts.