Markets we serve

Markets we serve

We offer high performance wiper systems and window accessories for a wide range of applications


SPEICH has extensive experience in marine windscreen wiper and washing systems production. Our products are available to suit all marine vessels, from leisure craft to naval ships.

  • Recreational Marine such as Sport cruisers, Super yachts, Mega yachts, Trawlers and Fishing vessel. In the yachting and pleasure boats market, SPEICH is synonymous of the highest style wipers.
  • Government & Patrol Boats such as Fireboats, Pilot boats, Patrol boats and Tugboats. SPEICH has extensive experience in small craft wiper systems for use in commercial and government markets, where heavy-duty equipment is required for small window applications.
  • Large Commercial, Civil and Military ships such as Large Navy vessels, Crew boats, Tugs and push boats, Container and cargo ships and Passenger ships. SPEICH produce windscreen wipers duly designed for heavy-duty applications.


SPEICH provides performance and compact custom wiper systems to a small scope production range of railway and industrial vehicles. We continually work to improve our tasks and product range in order to provide fully compliant systems depending on windows size and the maximum vehicle speed. With our deep knowledge, effective and efficient project management and short lead time, SPEICH is the ideal choice for transportation markets, including:

  • Humvees and military vehicles
  • Special vehicles
  • EMU – LRV, Metro and Trams
  • Locomotives
  • DMU and HMU


SPEICH provides durable wiper and washer systems suitable for Heavy Industrial machinery and vehicles exposed to harsh environments in a wide range of climates and operating conditions. Our reliable and performance equipment are easy to maintain and service. A rapid delivery and a long-term spare part service is guarantee to satisfy the production continuity needs of our customers. SPEICH experience includes the following applications:

  • Land-based oil rigs
  • Offshore oil platforms
  • Cranes
  • Driller cabins
  • Airport control tower
  • Industrial machinery